REVIEW: Rosegal – online shopping


I got a package from Rosegal ( Before I start, I have to inform you that Zaful Double 11 sale! is coming! So, I got some red bags and some makeup brushes.

I have to tell you I am very satisfied with this products. The quality is very, very good and each one of them is done very well. Enjoy the photos and my impressions.

I got three red bags. They are made of some great material, something like leather. The color is wonderful and you can combine it with various outfits. You can use smaller ones for cosmetics and makeup. So the set is great and you can look it up at Rosegal site.


I have a lot of makeup brushes, but I really wanted some new ones. I got one set of four makeup brushes, two for face and two for eyes. I love the biggest one, that is the makeup brush of my life! I use it for pressed powder. The other one for face is great for blush. Small ones are good for blending eyeshadow. You can find them HERE.


I love highlighter so I always wanted to have a fan brush for applying it. I never got one, so I found a perfect one on Rosegal site. It is a regular fan brush for highlighter and I love to use it. You can shop it on this LINK.




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