BestHairBuy Body Wave

Any girl knows the struggle of literally being incapable of making your hair look decent some days, sometimes our hair just refuses to cooperate. When we find ourselves in these kind of situations we are left with two options: 1. Give up on life and put our hair in a bun 2. Use hair extensions. Hair extensions are amazing but finding the right ones can be hard.

I recently discovered the online store Their products turned out to be amazing, it is indeed BestHairBuy. Hair extensions are a great way to achieve celeb like hair or just to have long hair when you want to try new hairstyles or just feel like changing your look for the day.

When buying hair extensions, you have to be careful as many retailers might sell very cheap ones that look, indeed, very cheap. And you don’t want your hair to look cheap, do you? (Hint: There’s only one right answer to that question). Besthairbuy sells really high quality hair extension, they are all 100% real human hair, and at a really affordable price! So it doesn’t get any better than that, guys.

They offer so much beautiful styles, but I really liked some of them. One of my favorites are definitely body wave hair extensions. Body wave is a loose type of curl that looks very natural and it flows nicely. It’s not completely straight but it’s also not too curly. The only problem with getting a body wave is that the curls start to relax and almost disappear over time.


They also offer Loose Wave products. Loose wave is similar to body wave in texture because it’s a very loose curl. The difference between body wave and loose wave is that loose wave doesn’t flow in one piece like body wave, it’s more loose, like the name says. It is made by using a larger roller and that’s the reason why it’s so loose and soft. It has a great flow and it can be used on different hairstyles.


But, the ones I love the most are Natural Waves extensions. They are beautiful. All their products are made of high quality virgin hair, and come at very affordable prices. I have this kind of hair type and I’d like to try on this extensions. It is human hair, so I would dye it in red, since I have red hair.

natural wave

Check out this online shop! Which extension you liked the most?

You can find some more information here:





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